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Skateboard Bearings Reviews Whats The Fastest Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 12:02:58
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>Skateboard bearings reviews-What's the fastest bearing? ?2004-2012 Skateboard bearings is used to slide, roller skating, and even scooters. The speed of skateboard bearings up to 34000 RPM. Each bearing have two metal shielded or rubber seals. They can prevent dust or something else. Skateboard bearing belongs to Deep Groove Ball Bearings. There are two major types: 608 zz (8 x22x7), 698 zz (8 x19x6). The materials of skateboard bearings may be chrome steel, stainless steel, hybrid ceramic and full ceramic. The most common material is chrome steel. Customers can choose different material according to different requirements. So what are the differences between them? The next, let us look at the following several skateboard bearings reviews come from different users. Skateboard bearings reviews- Stainless Steel Bearings Stainless steel bearing have obvious advantages, regardless of the process or accuracy. Stainless steel bearing stable, low noise, corrosion resistance and wide application. Stainless steel bearing can use in the easy to rust, strong corrosion of all kinds of products. This is chrome steel bearing does not have. Stainless steel bearings and chrome steel bearing steel with a stronger rust and corrosion resistence. Choose appropriate lubricant, dust cover and so on, can be in - 60 ?? ~ + 300 ?? under the environment of use. Stainless steel bearing can also be widely used in food processing, medical devices, pharmaceutical machinery. Skateboard bearings reviews- Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Hybrid ceramic bearing have high speed, high precision and long life characteristics. Especially silicon nitride hybrid ceramic has low density, high hardness, low friction coefficient, wear resistance, self-lubrication characteristics. General internal and external ring the bearing steel (GCr15) or stainless steel (AISI440C), ceramic ball can choose ZrO2, Si3N4, or SiC materials. Skateboard bearings reviews- Full Ceramic Bearings Full Ceramic Bearings have lots of attributions, such as cold resistant, high temperature resistant, abrasion resistant, and non-magnetic, insulation, Reliable working, high speed and self-lubricating without oil and so on. It would be a necessity in extremely bad circumstance and special status. According to different working conditions demand, there are three choices which have been researched. 1. Zirconia (ZrO2) Full ceramic bearings series. Attribution: fix PTEE cages which have higher corrosion resistance, appliance temperature from 150 centigrade to 450 centigrade. 2. Silicon nitride (Si3N4) Full ceramic bearings series. It's hardness could reach to HRC80 degree and the extreme high temperature could reach to approximately 800 centigrade, therefore smooth surface and hardness and non-lubrication are attributions of this material. 3. Silicon carbide Full ceramic bearings. Application fields: under extreme circumstance and special conditions, such as under extreme high temperature( recommend you use deep groove series), the extreme temperature can reach as high as 1300 centigrade; and strong corrosion chemical medicament(recommend you use PTFE assembly) which have longer working longevity because of it's hardness can reach HRC90 degree. So we can draw a conclusion from the above all the Skateboard bearings reviews, that is ceramic skateboard bearings is one of the best skateboard bearings.