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Simplicity Self Lubricating Bearings From Pbc Linear

Release time : 2015-06-12 11:08:12
Through years of testing, use, and advancement, the PBC Linear Simplicity self-lubricating bearing has stood the test of time. Providing smooth, quiet linear motion in the harshest of applications, this bearing has replaced failing ball Ceramic Bearings technology for over 20 years. Serving as a foundation of innovation for PBC Linear, Simplicity technology is often called by loyal customers, the little red bearing that keeps on going. Developed in 1982, Simplicity was a solution to be directly interchanged with failing standard ball bearings. Since then, we have added many options, including precision and compensated, open and closed, and self-aligning. Where ball bearings can seize and catastrophically fail, Simplicity Stainless Steel Bearings will out-perform and can last years longer. Whether the application is extreme temperature, dirt, submersion, or high vibration, the Simplicity linear bearing can tolerate almost anything. From carpet tufting, granite cutting, or foundry-work, the Simplicity linear Needle roller Bearings has proven itself in extreme environments without failure. The FrelonGOLD or Frelon liners help by eliminating the need for lubrication and metal to metal contact, outstanding performance in a wide temperature range (-400C to 400C), lowered wear resistance and friction by 60%, and increased load capacity by 100%. The results are a reduction in downtime, cost savings, and increased overall satisfaction of the customer. For clean environments, the Simplicity Skateboard Bearings is a great choice as it does not require messy lubrication, does not emit harmful particulates, does not contain moving parts with the potential for failure and, with the patented FrelonJ liner, can be used in most wash down and submersion application. Offered in Inch, Metric and Japanese metric sizes, Simplicity with FrelonGOLD technology has proven itself in the harshest environments, as well as surroundings where the cleanest linear motion is vital. For more information on Simplicity bearing technology, please call 1.800.729.9085 or email to [email protected]