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Simplicity Chemical Resistance And Reaction

Release time : 2015-06-12 11:08:34
The range of outer shell materials and bearing raceway materials used in Simplicity linear bearings allows them to stand up to harsh environments. In general they are designed to perform extremely well in a wide variety of conditions where wash downs, intermittent spray, or even submersion in a variety of chemical may occur. -Frelon GOLD? (Standard) ?C overall excellent performance in harsh environments. Note that the fillers in the material can be attacked by deionized water and other harsh chemicals. -Frelon? J ?C almost universal chemical inertness. Only molten sodium and flourine at elevated temperatures and pressures show any signs of attack. -Anodized Aluminum Shell (Standard) ?C good chemical resistance in most industrial applications. -316 Stainless Steel Shell (Optional) ?C excellent chemical and corrosion resistance in harsh environments.