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Simple Description Bearing Type And How Ball Bearings Are Made

Release time : 2015-06-11 07:40:34
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>Simple description bearing type and how ball bearings are made. ?2004-2012 Bearing is a kind of spare parts that can reduce load friction and fixed in the running. Bearing is a kind of very important contemporary machinery parts. Its main function is to support mechanical rotating, reduce friction. So how ball bearings are made? Let me explain it briefly. Ordinary ball bearing have a cage (is fixed bearing the ring) that usually in into enough Ball bearing is composed of inner ring, outer ring, balls, cage. Generally the balls will be put in, then install the cage. If there isn't cage, all the balls can roll to one side, and then inner ring can take out. As for deep groove ball bearings with no cage, usually there is a small groove in the inner ring. The balls can filled in from here. After install, most of the bearing are using a and grooves perfectly pieces of metal bonding in that, of course, also some not adhesive, in fact, the ball is no way out, unless an external force function, and if bonding a sheet metal in that, the ball is more impossible to come out. As for angular contact bearings, are fundamentally is free for the taking out. There is no installation problem. Install the main only for the above two kinds of bearing, the assembly is to use the principle of heat bilges cold shrink. The first of bearing ring in high temperature cooking oil inside and outside will become larger, and strike the ball and inner ring installs in turn, outside after cooling, with good. Some are pressure in the first part of the ball put in, in the machine with the rest of the pressure in. Now introduce a few kinds of methods on how ball bearings are made: 1. Pressure in 2. ReZhang shrink method 3. Steel ball less, roll to one side after pressure cage 4. Groove method 5. Installed with a ball, the outer slightly flattening a few microns, put them in the last ball. Above are the simple process of how ball bearings are made. According to the different quality of ball bearing, ball bearing can be divided into many types. Below are the common bearings. Deep groove ball bearings are mainly used for under pure radial load, also can also bear radial load and axial load. When the only subject to pure radial load, the contact Angle is zero. When deep groove ball bearing with large radial clearance, the angular contact bearing performance, can bear the larger axial load. Deep groove ball bearing friction coefficient is very small, limit speed is high, especially in the axial load a lot of high-speed operation conditions, deep groove ball bearing ratio thrust ball bearing is more superiority. Needle Roller Bearings with fine and long roller, so radial compact structure, its inner diameter size and loading capacity and other types of bearing phase at the same time, the minimum diameter, especially suitable for radial installation size restricted supporting structure. Full Ceramic Bearings are a kind of important machine foundation parts, since it has metal bearing can not compare with excellent properties, resistance to high temperature and super strength, etc in the new material world clueless. Ceramic bearing with high temperature resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to magnetoelectricity insulation, oil free self lubricating, high speed characteristics. Can be used in the extreme bad environment and special condition.