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Sewage Treatment Use Ceramic Bearing

Release time : 2016-07-12 15:07:04

Due to the rapid development of modern science and technology, the environment and conditions encountered in the ceramic bearing also showing various changes. Whether for the material, performance or quality, it requires higher requirements. Especially to the high demanding sewage treatment industry, the requirement for the bearing is self-evident. Just rely on traditional stainless steel bearing or on the basis of processing bearing can not meet the needs of sewage treatment industry. So on this issue, bearing development must continue to achieve and constant innovation.

Using the latest technology to produce a new generation of ceramic bearing, it is a reform on the traditional stainless steel bearing. Choose ceramic material is mainly due to its excellent performance, can completely replace the original metal material difficult working environment. But also has all the features required for bearing. So the application of ceramic bearings has been the focus now.

Then how is the prospects and application of the ceramic bearing in the sewage treatment industry? As sewage treatment is capital intensive industry, the fixed cost of equipment is high and this investment not easy to quit. At present, this equipment can be used in the domestic production, but the time used, stability etc have a big difference to foreign equipment because of the different technology and material. That’s why most enterprise choose to buy foreign equipments. Relevant data show that China have 90% sewage treatment company plant to buy imported equipment. Ceramic bearing, as sewage treatment equipment, are widely used abroad due to it’s advantage of cost and material.

So we should increase the overall competitiveness of bearing:

  1. Increase the research and development of the ceramic bearing, improve overalllevel of technology. Sewage treatment equipment includes dirt disposable equipment, deodorizing equipment, disinfection equipment, recycling equipment etc. At present, most of the devices used conventional equipment, which is based on metal material. Most sewage treatment equipment working in strong corrosion, high temperature and cold conditions. So research and develop ceramic bearing for different geographical environment will greatly extend the life of the equipment as ceramic bearing have high stability and long using life.
  2. Increase capitalinvestment for ceramic bearing and ensure large-scale production. Now it is very important for companies to reduce material and technology cost to achieve large-scale production. The state should concentrate its investment on ceramic bearing, increase the intensity of R&D, reduce technology and material cost. We can build leading enterprise first and then lead the development of this whole industry, realize large-scale of this industry finally to reduce the cost of ceramic bearing industry.