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Dupont Has Achieveda Key Technical Breakthroughin the Self-lubricating Area of Bearings

Release time : 2017-12-05 09:14:46
Dupont's design of the aircraft, the use of self-lubricating spherical, has been a very critical breakthrough, not only can improve the performance of aerospace companies, but also greatly reduce the cost. This combination of a spherical bearing design and the degree of professional wear, self-made a better performance than all previous series. The latest development of self-lubricating bearings, mainly used for the control of the fuselage system brake. Such bearings will play a vital role in future flight systems, such as flight control systems, landing gear systems, and other functions of various flight systems. Such a new R & D can also be deposited into a larger trade opportunity between countries. The standard maintenance intervals for the new bearings are 25,000 cycles, but in fact, the new bearings have drastically exceeded 100,000 cycles during the bearing test phase, with very high safety and proven bearing life. This will allow you to meet the stringent safety requirements with the lowest cost, and the components that need to be optimized for environmental requirements and performance. Especially those that lead to wear and tear of the metal components, life cycle and maintenance of airlines are key breakthroughs. In the development of bearings, the effective application of the bearings to the spherical need to overcome one after another challenge, such as bearing low friction and wear resistance, bearing contact surface damage and bearing ball effective combination of the width of the size of the problem. The use of wear-resistant tape with its wear resistance, in a wide range of new bearings to meet the demanding requirements. It can reduce the wear, corrosion resistance, fatigue problems, so a large extent to solve the majority of the problem.