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Secretary General Joint Meeting Of Cbia Held In Beijing

Release time : 2015-06-12 11:30:57
The second secretary-general joint conference in 2009 was held in Beijing in August 27,2009???presided by Wang Quanqing, secretary-general of CBIA. Liu Enshi, president of CBIA and deputy secretary-general, managing commissioner, secretary-generals of association branches, and editor-in-chief of ???Bearing Industry??? magazine had attended the meeting. Zhang Qiaofan, honorary president of CBIA, Yang Naiyan, senior advisor, Zheng Ruchen and other former senior officials were also present. In the conference, Wang Quanqing, secretary-general made a review report of the secretariat???s work in the first 8 months in 2009 and arranged the tasks for the following 4 months; The branches gave accounts of their respective work progress and exchange views preliminarily; He Jiaqun, deputy secretary-general, aired his requirements for the ???Twelfth Five??? scheme. At last, Liu Enshi president of CBIA gave a summary of the entire meeting. During the summary, he deployed the current tasks and pointed five emphases: First, continue to strengthen and improve the basic works of the association, and pay adequate attention to the ???Three Constructions???: 1) construction of the secretariat: allocate staff based on actual needs and gradually introduce more young employees; 2) construction of branches: award those outstanding achievers; 3???constructions of bearing associations and chambers of commerce in various provinces and cities. Second, under the guidance of national policies, work out the industry development goals and measures amid the financial crisis to achieve a fast and stable development; guide advanced enterprises to transform from extensive management to precision management and pilot them way from the extensive development mode that features ???low-end, price war, high consumption and heavy pollution??? by setting up examples, summing up experience and gradual promotion; gradually change the situations of high reliance on labor-intensive and resource-intensive export trade which is sensitive to the fluctuations of international market. Gradually change the situation of only emphasizing on tangible resources and neglecting intangible resources; facilitate the pace of technological innovation and increase the market share of high-precision and high-rev products with high reliability and long service life; give a full play to the technological commissions and provide initiatives to enterprises and bearing associations to encourage R & D on bearing materials and specialized manufacturing equipment, so as to increase bearing???s service life and quality; prevent enterprises from low-level redundant development, disordered competition and price war; guide them to implement the ???Twelfth Five??? development scheme; facilitate and promote the mergers and restructurings within the sector to form industrial clusters, so as to support the developments of high-precision bearings applied in the fields of wind power, needle roller, high-speed railway, navigation, multi-stage numerical control machine and airliner; support the construction of bearing component production base in Xinchang. Third, strengthen the connections between governmental departments and affiliated industry associations to obtain government???s policy support and market support; strengthen the efforts in exhibition to better display enterprise???s product, image and culture; set up communication and development platform for bearing manufacturers from home and abroad; promote friendly visits to exchange information and learn from each other. Fourth, support and coordinate the service platforms for the bearing industry at various levels to achieve resource sharing by establishing specialized product experiment center, testing center, forging heat treatment center, logistics center, human resource training center and specialized centers for machine installment, debugging and maintenance. Fifth, strengthen the association???s publicity by focusing on the ???Website??? construction to achieve coordinated development that is harmonious, friendly, and mutually beneficial; study and implement the Scientific Outlook on Development and carry out the tasks assigned by higher authority; support the development of ???Bearing Industry???, ???Bearing Business News???, ???Bearing Website??? and ???China Bearing Information Newspaper???; Assess the annual goals of various specialized committees and establish an assessment and award system; strengthen member management, especially focusing on the enterprises??? business conditions, participation in industry activities and their supports for the association???s work as well as their implementation of social responsibility and contributions to the national goals in building competitive bearing industry; conduct a dynamic management of their contributions amid the financial crisis and make related assessment and evaluation. The joint meeting is fully supported by China Machinery TDI International and Planning & Consultancy Committee. Wang Tongjian, president of the TDI and director of the committee attended the meeting. The meeting is closed successfully according to schedule. The Secretariat of CBIA