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Schuler Installs Gearbox Production Line For Zf

Release time : 2015-06-12 11:31:25
Schuler has installed a new production line for ZF, on which the transmission specialist manufactures various parts for its eight-speed automatic gearbox. The automated line consists of a hydraulic cutting press supplied by Schuler with a cutting force of 3150kN (315tonf), as well as a mechanical knuckle-joint press from Grabener Pressensysteme, a Schuler subsidiary. The latter offers a press force of 12MN (1200tonf). It also includes a coil line, supplied by Schuler Automation, for maximum coil widths of 650mm and maximum coil thicknesses of 6mm, as well as an integrated 3D transfer system. The two presses are linked by a shuttle system. Tools are changed with the aid of a corresponding cart at two set-up facilities. The performance of the machines was a key factor for ZF in awarding the contract to Schuler. ZF's bid specification included the production of enclosure plates, connecting plates, disk drivers, cover plates and various clutch parts. Important for all parts is their near-net-shape production. In addition to Grabener Pressensysteme as the general contractor, the project involved Schuler Hydrap, Schuler Automation in Hessdorf and Schuler's manufacturing facility in Erfurt.