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Schaeffler Meets Iris Quality Standard

Release time : 2015-06-12 11:47:56
Schaeffler Group Industrial has announced that the management system of its Business Unit Rail meets the demands of the new International Railway Industry Standard, IRIS and was certified accordingly effective August 1, 2008 by Technical Inspection Agency, T¨¹V S??1d. The corresponding audit covered Business Unit Rail including its Sales, Development, Design and Application Engineering departments as well as the Production sector and central functions such as Occupational Safety and Quality Management. As of 2009, the possession of an IRIS certificate will be a mandatory requirement for all major systems suppliers when awarding contracts. The certificate will replace the individual management system evaluations performed, for instance, by Alstom Transport, AnsaldoBreda, Siemens Transportation and Bombardier Transportation. To date, approximately 80 certificates have been issued. Based on ISO 9001, IRIS is the quality standard for the railway industry, comparable to already existing standards in the automotive, aerospace and food processing industries. IRIS focuses on project and configuration management as well as on reliability and safety in the development, design and manufacture of rail transportation products and systems.