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Schaeffler Group Greater China Automotive Awarded As Excellent Suppliers 2

Release time : 2015-06-12 11:44:35
SHANGHAI/20091228 Schaeffler Group Greater China Automotive achieved a remarkable business growth and still demonstrated an upward trend. In the past year, strengthening the cooperation with our customers has become the top priority of Schaeffler Group Greater China Automotive. While making satisfying business achievement, Schaeffler was also highly recognized by many customers with honorable titles of ???Excellent Suppliers???. Schaeffler China was awarded again as ???Excellent Supplier??? by Changan Ford Mazda Engine Co., Ltd. (CFME)???after it received the award in 2008, only two suppliers were awarded with such an honor every year. Since our collaboration with CFME as early as 2006, Schaeffler has actively involved in the development of I4, BZ engine components and provided our solid support in quotation and project management process. We also performed very well in product quality, on-time delivery, pricing and satisfying special request from customers. As far as quality is concerned, we provided millions of components annually without having any quality complaints, reaching an incredible PPM value of Zero. CFME implemented very strict Supplier Performance Evaluation System of Mazda and appraised its suppliers on a monthly basis. Schaeffler China ranked the top in the monthly and yearly competition in 2008 and 2009. Schaeffler Group Greater China Automotive was awarded as ???Excellent Supplier??? by Cherry Auto due to its excellent performance in supplying engine components, transmission, clutch release system and wheel bearings. This is another award to us after the title of ???Best Quality Supplier??? awarded in 2007. This title not only demonstrated the resultant effect of the three brands, INA, LuK, FAG of Schaeffler Group, but also presented our R&D competence in cooperation with our customers. As the major supplier of transmission components of Chongqing Qingshan Industrial Co., Ltd., we conducted in-depth cooperation with Qingshan in transmission projects and communicated directly with customer by hosting workshop in Qingshan. Due to exceptional achievement in timely delivery and supreme quality, we are awarded as ???2009 Best Supplier of Qingshan???. This is the first award we received since we cooperated with Qingshan in 2006. Dongfeng Honda Engine Co., Ltd. presented a special award to Schaeffler Group Greater China Automotive to appreciate the solid support and assistance granted by Schaeffler Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to Dongfeng Honda Engine Co., Ltd. in its business development. This is the first award granted to us by a Japanese automotive parts manufacturer, which bears special meaning to us. Receiving awards from customers is not only the recognition of the hard work of Automotive colleagues but also set higher request for future work. As a renowned supplier in automotive industry, Schaeffler Group China Automotive will continue to leverage our technical competence in R&D and work closely with our customers. In addition, we will consistently pursue the quality target of ???Zero Defect??? and provide high-quality products and services to our customers.