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Schaeffler China Co Ltd Held Ddthe 4th Wind Power Generating Equipment Proseminar In Qingdao

Release time : 2015-06-12 12:17:56
From July 24th to 26th, Schaeffler (China) Co., Ltd has held the ???the 4th Wind Power Generating Equipment Proseminar??? in the beautiful littoral city, Qingdao. Nearly 90 honored guests has participated the proseminar, which were from the main assembly plants and gear case manufacturing enterprises in the wind power generating equipment industry of 40 countries. The proseminar this time covered the worldwide development of the wind power, the future of the wind power electricity market and the developing trend of the latest technology. Doctor Gou Jianhui, the managing director of Schaeffler (China) Co., Ltd and the president of the Industry Department has pointed out in his presentation that Schaeffler Group has made good preparation to face up the competition and challenge in the future. And they will greatly support the development of China Wind Power Generating Industry. Mr. He Dexin, the notable in the industry and the President of China Wind Power Energy Association was invited to this proseminar, and gave wonderful report on the current state and future of the China Wind Power Market. The German Experts in Wind Power industry from Schaeffler Group introduced the latest-developed leading products for the wind power gear case and analyzed the function and application of the products in details. Contraposing the yaw pitch bearings, the experts has introduced from aspects of technology and manufacturing with pictures and characters. In addition, the technical experts also stressed the application field, product features as well as the installation and maintenance of the currently popular single bearing configuration. The German experts from the ContiTech Vibration Control System of Continental Group introduced the organizational structure of the company from the aspect of how to better boost the development of wind power industry and made deep explanation of their product ???Elastomer Spring Component in Wind Power Generating Device???. Finally, Mr. Yang Wentao, the General Engineer of Romax Company which has several years??? cooperation with Schaeffler stressed the cooperative experience on the project of 1.5MW-5MW gear case design with Schaeffler Group. This proseminar provided a platform to the outstanding persons in the China Wind Power Industry to communicate with each other and to know more about the global strategy of Schaeffler Group in the Wind Power field. Meanwhile, it enabled the participants to deeply understand Schaeffler???s advanced technology, leading products and key competition on the application of Wind Power generating equipments. The whole proseminar was in a very warm atmosphere, and ended in the appraisal of the honored guests. ( CBCC )