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Sae Acbg Bearing Conference Sept 23 25 2008

Release time : 2015-06-12 12:36:21
September SAE-ACBG Deep Groove Ball Bearings Conference & group committee meeting will be a Sponsored event by an obvious attraction with the likelihood of record numbers registering. Attending will be representatives from various Aerospace companies including Boeing, Lockheed, Grumman, NASA, Government standards personnel, a significant number of Flanged Ball Bearings Manufacturers eg. RBC, Heim, Emerson, Aurora, NHB, Timken, Kaydon and Engineers responsible for Material specifications & Component ring producer for Bearings. The SAE-ACBG Chairman Mr.Jim Mathis, Chief Engineer at Boeing will convene the 3 day event with an Agenda to cover both day group meetings & night entertainment packages. The BICC will move & debate several topics ranging from Specification Alterations without Authority, Counterfeit seizures, false & misleading advertising by leading European Miniature Thrust Bearings Manufacturers and should these Manufacturers & subsidiaries convicted of criminal Offences including price fixing cartels collusion be excluded as suppliers to the Aerospace Industry.