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Rodriguez Drive Systems Used In Energy Management

Release time : 2015-06-13 08:22:24
Framo Morat linear and rotary drive systems from Rodriguez are increasingly being specified by building engineers. For example, the Framo Limax actuator is now widely used for climate control in automated energy management systems. It uses a powerful coaxial motor to achieve the required stroke in minimum space. A number of features ensure the Limax offers reliable operation even in extreme conditions such as heat, dust and moisture. These include a thermally protected motor, life time lubrication and integral safety switches. This reliability is complemented by economical operation, low maintenance and a long service life. The Limax actuator can be specified with a choice of mounting and connecting arrangements and can be interfaced with an existing controller. Special stroke lengths and other custom features are available on request. The Framo Compacta slip-on geared motor is both space and weight saving but also highly flexible in its application. Models in the range are up to 10kg lighter than alternatives but have the same output torque and speed. The Compacta also provides 22 output speed options and its motor choices offer a range of power and duty cycles. The design's integral and adjustable mechanical limit switches contribute to the product's flexibility with a speed range 0.9rpm to 193rpm and output torques from 6Nm to 600Nm. The range can also be equipped with ESA electronic limit switches with up to 10 set points and two end positions.