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Revolvo Precision Products Moving To Yorks Park

Release time : 2015-06-13 08:39:07
Revolvo Precision Products (UK, a division of Wyko Industrial Services, itself a division of Eriks Group, Netherlands) will move all High Speed Bearings manufacturing and distribution operations to Yorks Park Development, Mucklow, Dudley. The company operates as three bearing manufacturing divisions: SRB - Split Roller Bearing, RPP - Revolvo Precision Products, and RF1, targets highly specialized F1 racing bearings. Founded in 1968 to manufacture high precision nonstandard Miniature Bearings , Revolvo was acquired by Wyko in 2004. Eriks acquired Wyko in late 2006. Announcing the expansion of its large RC Bearings program, Revolvo hinted more than a year ago that it had outgrown the Studley plant and would need to move. Space-constrained at the Studley location, Revolvo said it expects to expand production and add employees beyond the 60 now working there. In Yorks Park, Revolvo is taking an already-built 40,000 square foot unit which offers space to develop as large as 160,000 square feet. Yorks Park Development is designed to attract, and has attracted, a number of heavy industrial product manufacturers such as Revolvo. Dudley is essentially a western suburb of Birmingham, while Studley is a few miles south of the city. Nick Dent, Revolvo Managing Director, said: "Revolvo exports products to the four corners of the globe and we needed a building that reflected our status as a world-class manufacturer. The Yorks Park site is ideal. Not only is it home to a number of leading industrial manufacturers, creating a hub of activity, it is a modern, attractive site providing the ideal climate in which to welcome visitors and customers." Mr. Dent went on to say: "Currently, Revolvo has an annual turnover growth rate of 20% per year -- accordingly, we have already welcomed six new staff on board this year and we are really looking forward to expanding into the space afforded by our fantastic new site."