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Rare Earth Copper Iron Alloy Auric Bearing Passed Inspection Acceptance

Release time : 2015-06-15 13:23:56
On Mar. 20th, the national technological innovation fund project of the technological SMEs Rare-earth Copper Iron Alloy Auric miniature Bearing (project No.: 08C26113200669) carried out by Haian Eagle Globe Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd. passed the inspection and acceptance. The project adopted the non-segregation rare-earth copper covering the iron powder and added solid lubricants by diffusing the rare-earth material, which made the products higher pressure strength, higher abrasion resistance and higher surface hardness, etc; the products have the features of high load capacity and low running noise, etc. in during operation; the products passed the detection of Zhejiang RC Bearing Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center and met the Q/320621JL05-2007 standard. The products replaced the 6-6-3 bronze material successfully, saved the nonferrous metal materials efficiently and reduced the production cost; its performance has reached the international leading level. The implementation of the project has broken through the foreign technological blockage, filled up the domestic gap, improved the independent innovation capacity and level of the company, impelled the procedures of hi-tech development, cultivated the human resource, enhance the key competition of the company with skate board bearings, accelerated the development of powder metallurgy industry in China and propelled the development of the relevant industries upstream and downstream.