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R A Rodriguez Award For Consistent High Quality Bearing Supply

Release time : 2015-06-13 09:56:11
In recognition of its quality products, processes and supply the KAYDON? Bearings Division has just received the prestigious Bell Helicopter Premier Supplier Award. Only AS9100 certified suppliers can qualify for this award and the winner must have maintained the consistent delivery of quality-assured products at a minimum frequency rate of 98%. The helicopter sector is a prime market for the KAYDON? custom-engineering and performance critical bearings. In the UK these products are supplied by R. A. Rodriguez; typical examples are rotor mast and swashplate bearings. The swashplate is a device that translates the pilot's commands via the helicopter flight controls into motion of the main rotor blades. For more than 30 years, R. A. Rodriguez worldwide has been providing full engineering support to aircraft companies. Indeed its aircraft products are fitted to a large number of military and civil aircraft in the Western World including many spacecraft. They are also used in many other leading edge technologies such as optical sighting systems and laser range finding. R. A. Rodriguez also supply a wide range of aerospace bearings from a number of leading manufacturers including Thin Section bearings, spherical joint bearings and airframe control bearings