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Quality And Price Of Domestic Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:41:35
The hot sale of the imported bearings in domestic makes domestic bearing manufacturer aware of unprecedented pressure. Why imported bearings are so popular? What can we do as a domestic bearing manufactory? It's a worthy considering question for every policymaker of domestic bearing manufacturer. Below we compare the differences between the domestic bearings and imported bearings from the price and quality. FirstlyS: analysis of quality difference 1) Suppose that bearing production process had 100 processes, to reduce the cost of production most manufacturers just complete the 90 processes, this is the root cause of the gap between domestic bearings and imported bearings. 2) Different customer has different requirements, and the working environment is also different, not the processing technology is different, at least the bearing assembly is different. 3) For mobile phones, there are cheap copies, second edition, port cargo version, retrofit, imported original version, the more there is updated version, and even limited edition. Bearing as well. 4) Cooperation is a process, for the first time we are willing to provide samples for texting, we can solve problem according to the feedback, and so we can further understand the working environment of the bearing, using requirements, only this way we can process according to the requirements. 5) The last few steps: one is according to the customer's requirements, second is according to the working environment of the bearing, third is according to our professional coordination. The quality of most domestic bearings are very different, it is because most bearing manufacturers produce according to the requirement of the state but the customers' requirements. 6) Even if the non-standard bearing can be confirmed according to the standard bearing. Secondly: analysis of price difference 1) Different customer has different requirements, thus processing will be different, so the price will be different. 2) Suppose the bearing processing has 100 steps, the bearing processing of our company is consistent for ten years, is according to the international standard should through 100 steps. Different regions and different manufacturers in terms of price is similar. If the price deviation is bigger, that can only say that the other manufacturer just through 90 steps or even less steps when produce bearings. 3) Bearing price has difference is because of labor, material, working process and so on. 4) The demands of our customer are relatively common, of course we can produce according to the customer's requirements.