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Qianchao Bearing Cooperates With Hyundai Motor On Global Supporting

Release time : 2015-06-13 09:59:38
Recently, Wanxiang Qianchao Bearing Co., Ltd has successfully passed the provider qualification appraisal and acquired the supporting qualification of Hyundai Motor, the largest auto company in South Korea. Qianchao Bearing becomes Hyundai Motor?s first provider of tapered roller bearing in China. Hyundai Motor is the largest auto enterprise in South Korea and is one of the 20 largest auto companies in the world. Compared with other leading auto companies in the world, Hyundai Motor condensed the development history of auto industry even though it has a short history. It only took 18 years for the company to develop from the establishment of factory to developing auto models independently. In recent years, the sales of Hyundai Motor have continuously increased and ranked in the 4th place in the world. Korea Market is always the key international market for the bearing companies. Since 2007, Qianchao Bearing has established supporting cooperation with several international famous enterprises in South Korea, such as DAEWOO and DYMOS, etc. and has formed the sales of millions RMB. ?High Starting Point, High Standard, High Requirement? is the first principle of the Hyundai Motor Project of Qianchao Bearing. Hyundai Motor mainly purchased the tapered roller bearings for trucks and wagons from the international first-class bearing manufacturers like NTN and NSK, etc. The bearings enterprises in China have never passed the provider qualification appraisal as it is very strict and the standard is high. Therefore, Qianchao Bearing?s supporting qualification for Hyundai Motor will also add strength to its international supporting business.