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Purchasing Experience About Roller Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:04:23
As a bearing purchaser, how do you choose bearings? Today I learn some main indicators of purchasing bearings and share what I have concluded with you and hope that it can be helpful for you!
Load conditions. Roller bearings have larger bearing capacity than ball bearings; Centripetal bearing mainly bear radial loads, while thrust bearing can only bear axial load. Under the comprehensive effects of radial and axial loads, we can choose angular contact bearing, whose axial bearing capacity increases as contact angle; we should choose roller bearing by the impact load. High rotation speed performance. Ball bearings have higher ultimate rotation speed; Due to different structure, tapered roller bearing and thrust bearing shouldn't be used in high speed. Self-aligning performance. Under the condition that shaft deforms and the coaxiality of two bearing hole is not good and the bearing is required to have better self-aligning performance, we should choose self-aligning ball bearing or self-aligning roller bearing. Installation performance. Under the condition of whole bearing seat or frequently dismounting, we should choose bearings with separable inner and outer ring or bearing with taper holes or tight sleeves. The choice of tolerance grade. Bearings of general grade are widely used and bearings of higher tolerance grade are only used in high precision machinery. You can refer to the following table: The choice of clearance. Generally we should preferentially choose basic clearance; When the temperature is higher and interference fit amount is larger and the bearing is required to have low friction torque or deep ball bearing bear larger axial load, it is appropriate to adopt larger clearance bearings; When the rotation precision is higher or needs to strictly limit axial displacement, it is appropriate to adopt smaller clearance bearings.