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Psm Occupy New Market With New Technology New Products

Release time : 2015-06-13 10:19:54
PSM, Inc. Dalian has aimed at the opportunity that the country stimulate the domestic demand and develop new energy and prized the new market with new technology and new products. The company has become the largest wind power flange provider in China in only one year. During the global financial crisis, the company has successfully propelled the improvement of stock by adjusting the increment. Competition Report: PSM, Inc. Korea is the largest wind power flange provider in the world and its global market share is up to 33%; In April, the company of PSM, Inc. in Dalian, China was completely put into production, achieved the sales of 800 million RMB in the same year, and became the largest wind power flange provider in China. At the beginning of the New Year, PSM, Inc. Dalian has received the orders from more than 20 main wind power plants in China successively. Piao Yunhao, the Director of the Sales Department of PSM Dalian said: ?the market share of flange is 33%. We have produced about 6000 sets of 1.5 megawatts in 2009. If there is no special change in 2010, we can produce 8000 sets.? The PSM Precision Bearings Research Center gathers the experts from five global famous wind power enterprises including Denmark Vestas, Spain Gamesa, U.S.A. GE, India Suzlon and Shanghai Electric. The only bearing seal ring experiment equipment in the world was developed successfully by these experts. At present, the average delivery of PSM has been shortened from two months to 20 days and sometimes they can deliver in 8 days. Han Xianghao, the General Manager of PSM Dalian said: ?At present, the sales of our flange take up 70% and above. From 2010. We will adjust gradually and have a well-rounded development. In 2010, the sales of flange take up 60% in the total sales of the company, bearings take up 15%; other forgings for petroleum and chemicals, nuclear energy and shipbuilding take up 25%.? It is learned that PSM Dalian has fixed on the business development aims in 2010, that is, the global market share of wind power flange products should be increased 10%, the production of wind power bearings products should have a double increase and achieve the balance of dominant products? development. We can say that it was the integration of the world-class wind power technology systems that enabled PMS to occupy Chinese market and it becomes the original drive of the company to achieve increase during the global financial crisis.