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Propelling Equipment Manufacturing Industry Stimulating Domestic Demand Have Little Impact On Bearing Industry

Release time : 2015-06-13 10:27:51
On Nov. 9th, the Machinery Industry Economic Operation Seminar held by China Machinery Industry Federation has focused on the rapid increasing situation of production capacity, potential risk analysis and suggestions in machinery industry. The related commissioners of the expert commission of China Machinery Industry Federation as well as the leader and experts from the professional association have communicated the situation and problem of industrial production capacity and provided some good suggestions and advice. Zhang Zhaofan from the bearing industry said that since the implementation of the reform and opening up policy in China, the bearing industry in China has entered into the rapid development period, the annual bearing output and sales have increased 15% and above. The bearing output, sales and foreign exchange of export scheduled in the 11th Five-Year Plan have been finished two years in advance. Bearing output of China was listed in the third in the world for the sum of bearing output and sales income and China has entered into the list of large bearing countries in the world. But the situation and characteristic of bearing production capacity in China is that, many bearing enterprises with small scope, simplex product, low industrial concentration, unreasonable product structure, large proportion of low-end product, fierce market competition, low independent innovation, low investment in science and technology research, etc. The average investment in development takes small proportion in the sales; precision bearings, high speed railway bearings and civil aviation bearings etc. are monopolized by the foreign bearing companies. High dependence on the foreign market; one third of the bearing enterprises exported and the foreign market is simplex, which are pressed by the anti-dumping policy of the foreign countries. Under the crash of global financial crisis, the increasing way of bearing industry in China that the industrial structure is not reasonable and the production capacity isn???t in proportion has been impacted. The development of the whole bearing industry was influenced seriously. It is predicted that the countrywide sales income of bearings only can be recovered to the same level as that of last year. The risk and impact mainly lies in the following aspects: the export-oriented enterprises with simplex product were influenced by the global financial crisis most; the delivery of railway department decreased and it caused the impact on the railway bearing enterprises; the policy of propelling the equipment manufacturing and stimulating the domestic demand influences the bearing industry a little. The rapid development of wind power bearings in recent years started to restrict and influence the favorable development of the industry. The adjustment of industrial structure and product structure of enterprises provided opportunity for industrial development; the present high-end products have broad developing space and market, which is the main direction of the bearing industry in China to develop the replacement of imported bearings independently and innovatively. As the key parts of the equipment industry that the national encouraged and supported and as the environment-protecting energy industry, wind power bearings shoud be enhanced and propped up to avoid the blind development.