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Processing Means Of Custom Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:59:14
In the rapid development of manufacturing ear. Bearing as a transmission component essential for most mechanical transmission equipment, widely distributed in every corner of life and industrial production. Although the type of bearing varies a lot, but in final analysis it comes from customer's demand for the use. There is a type of bearing special needed:Custom Bearings. General non-standard bearings is about the size to change, few involve the change of material. The material is chrome steel, stainless steel or ceramic, plastic material, which are most common material. I have been in Shanghai LilyBearing for nearly two years. I will meet at least 2-3 customers who need custom bearings. When I first begin to contact bearings I felt very confused and didn't know where to begin. After a long period of contact finally I have some insight about bearings, followings are the main Firstly: learn the operating environment of the bearings to judge the material of the bearing. Secondly: learn the design structure of the machine which the customer's bearing works in. Thirdly: help customers design the sample drawing of the bearing for our customers to consult and verify. Fourth: confirm the drawing and place an order for production.(except we have the samples of the non-standard bearing) The above steps are just personal views, it is suitable for non-standard bearings have neither samples nor drawings. It will be more convenient for us if we have samples which we can produce according to. Overall, to both normal bearings and custom bearings our aim is to learn the demand of our customers and resolve the drawbacks of the transmission. Let bearings bring convenience to our society and life in this burgeons era.