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Private Brands Bigger Risk Than Counterfeiting

Release time : 2015-06-13 10:31:50
The BICC (Bearing Industry Code of Conduct) has reported many times the risks involved with Distributors dealing in Private Brands and the non-disclosure of ??Country of Origin? Private brands or Private Labels are now growing trends for dealers who see a greater profit from buying unbranded 3rd world bearings, then a name change to a ??Private Bin? sold as 1st quality. NKE Bearings Steyr Austria is your typical example of a Private brand, marketing or referred as ?Austria Steyr?can camouflage any 3rd world country of origin with a sophisticated Private Label or so called re-branding. Many legal risks, possibly greater than Counterfeit bearings are associated with taking on a manufacturing role, none more than 'Product Liability' In a recent article cleverly written by Lindsay Young for the PTDA, outlines the legal consequences with Joint and Several Liability putting the dealer & private label operator as one in any Legal Proceedings. For more information on the danger of Private Labels and Counterfeiting click http://www.ptda.org/Content/NavigationMenu/MarketTrends/Spotlight/MDM_Changing_Face_Li.htm or [email protected]