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President Of Skf China China Wind Power Is Not Superfluous

Release time : 2015-06-13 10:34:03
When China Wind Power is considered to be superfluous, at least one component for wind power generator is not superfluous. At present, the local wind power generator and components manufacturers in China can manufacture towers, gear boxes, electric motor, and even vane, but those who can manufacture the wind power generator bearings are limited. SKF from Sweden is one of the largest bearing manufacturers in the world. In the Chinese wind power market, it has a very important position. At present, the largest wind power generator hoisted in China--- the offshore wind power generator located in Shanghai Donghai Bridge Wind Power Plant, adopts the products of SKF. On Sept 15th, Mr. Magnus Johansson, the President of SKF China has been interviewed b the reporter of CBN in Tianjin. During the interview, he talked about the prediction on the Chinese wind power market, and discussed his judgment on the trend of wind power generator manufacturing and opinion on the direction of the Chinese macro-economy. He said, ?In my opinion, the Chinese wind power market is promising, which can bring great business opportunity to our career. Therefore, I don?t think the Chinese wind power market is superfluous. Indeed people think that there are too many wind power generator manufacturers in China, and there are only less than 10 left in the future. Wind power generator manufacturing is not simple thing while it is very complicated. The market needs competition, but doesn?t need too many manufacturers. If some manufacturers can not guarantee the quality, it is difficult for them to survive finally.? He added, ?We can not prevent more people from entering this market, but in order to better serve this market. We will pay more attention to those enterprises we think have high qualification and we hope we can enhance the cooperation with them.? When the reporter talked about the achievement of real time monitoring on the wind power generator that uses SKF bearings, Mr. Magnus Johansson said, ?We hope we can achieve this, so that we can supply the service to the customer, while for our rivals, it will be a bad news. Generally, to monitor the wind power generator at real time is a good choice. Because you don?t need to detect the wind power strictly according to the detecting schedule, and you can see the real time condition of the wind power generator and the bearings, which can save much time and money for the wind power generator developer. About the Chinese micro-economy, he said, ?China economy has reached the bottom and will present upturn. But personally I think the trend of the Chinese future economy will be a W-shape curve. We will see a economic fluctuation this or next year.