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Prediction On The Trend Of China Steel Price In September In 2009

Release time : 2015-06-13 10:36:06
The increase of steel price this time started from the middle April, which has been lasting for 17 weeks, almost 4 months until now. The current steel price has come back to the level of August in 2008, which is the highest in the recent 10 months. Because the domestic economic is still in the increasing channel and the output of the downstream industry of the steel industry is still recovering, the real highest point of the price in steel industry has not formed yet and which surly would influence the price of Ball bearings. The short-term price call-back can be considered as the release of the risk of continuous price increasing in the early period. As long as the demand is still increasing, the steel price has the drive to increase continuously. Moreover, steel plants pursue to the profit will also support the stable increase of steel price. The analysis on the main factors which will influence the steel price in September: 1. International Market: the statistic data from International Steel Association indicated that in the large background of global economic recovery, the international steel market starts to step into the favorable development period. There are two factors caused the output increasing. One is that there is sufficient practical demand and the orders of the companies are full; the other is that the leading level of the company predicted good future market and prepare Stainless Steel Bearings in advance to meet the increasing requirements.