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Polymer Based Device Could Improve Washing Machines

Release time : 2015-06-13 10:44:07
Engineers at SKF have developed a polymer-based drum support unit for washing machines that is claimed to offer an alternative to aluminium or cast-iron solutions, bringing cost and energy savings to washing-machine manufacturers. Because it is delivered as a single unit, manufacturers need fewer assembly operations and no machining to fit it into the washing machine. The unit supporting the drum, which is delivered with integrated Needle Roller Bearings, greased and sealed for life, can be over-moulded by washing-machine manufacturers directly into their plastic tanks. Claimed to be lightweight and corrosion proof, the design has a hole to drain out excess water, moisture and humidity that may arise inside the tank. According to SKF, the external unit's shape and dimensions can be adapted to any washing machine design. As an option, the unit can also be equipped with low-friction seals and energy-efficient Stainless Steel Bearings.