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Plastic Bearings That Completely Eliminate Magnetic Distortion

Release time : 2015-06-13 10:47:08
KMS, a leader in the development and manufacturing of plastic and AISI 316 stainless raceway, radial ball bearings, is pleased to announce the availability of plastic race type bearings fitted with glass balls with a urethane tire for bearing wheel, the ideal choice for applications that require a non-magnetic, non-metallic solution, for non-marking bearing wheel applications. The bearing design features polyester plastic races with a urethane tire mounted to the outer race. It is fitted with glass balls, which creates a total non-magnetic, non-metallic solution with complete MRI compatibility. Additionally, the urethane tire reduces noise, absorbs vibrations and is non-marking when used in MRI patient table rollers. As a plastic race type bearing it features a low start up torque due to its lightweight nature and has the ability to run without lubrication. These bearings can be used in any application requiring non-magnetic, non-metallic compatibility, such as medical MRI, medical x-ray, security x-ray, and CAT scan equipment. The bearings also tolerate applications under water and in harsh environments. "Previously MRI machines would use a plastic sleeve bushing type bearings to solve non-magnetic/metallic bearing issues," stated Bob Siets, Engineering Sales of KMS Bearings. "Our newly developed construction provides machine manufacturers with a non magnetic ball bearing that will enhance and improve the performance of the machine." KMS non-magnetic bearings are available in custom configurations, giving engineers complete freedom to design the bearing around the device rather than attempting to design the device around a limited range of standard bearings. The KMS website provides all the tools necessary to help customers design or select the part they need. An example of one custom configuration can be found at: http://kmsbearings.thomasnet.com/item/all-categories/all-categories-special-bearings-for-sale/1955?&seo=1 http://kmsbearings.thomasnet.com/item/all-categories/all-categories-special-bearings-for-sale/1955?&seo=1 About KMS Since 1979, KMS Bearings, Inc. has been a leader in the development and manufacturing of plastic and AISI 316 stainless raceway, radial ball bearings. KMS Bearings is located in Anaheim, California, just 30 minutes from the Los Angeles area. KMS has been at its current location since 1990. We have expanded by adding several offices and warehousing within our industrial site. The KMS goal is to provide quality products and services on time, in full responsiveness to the demands of our customers and prospects. KMS believes it cannot achieve these strategic goals and objectives without the total ongoing commitment to COMPANY WIDE EXCELLENCE. EVERYONE AT KMS knows that the customer is the lifeblood of our organization and without current customers and adding new customers we will not exist, grow or prosper. Every employee is empowered to do what ever it takes to do their job and give the customer what they expect and deserve. We are committed to quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction