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Perception In 6808 Ceramic Bearings Sales

Release time : 2015-06-10 08:06:37
My first contact with 6808 ceramic bearings happened a week ago. A customer orders this type of bearings so urgently required that he requires goods must be shipped within two days. I check goods in stock and find we have nothing in stock and only had half-finished goods. The goods can be shipped in three days in accordance with the procedure, so goods will be delivered on the fourth day. When I get the return of the contract from my customer, it is near off work. In order to meet our client's request on delivery date, I just cut the Gordian knot and schedule work application immediately by putting aside other work. Because of the small amount, workers have finished producing those goods the next afternoon. Goods are expected to be delivered successfully. However, it exceeds the time of discharge from warehouse and delivery. We can only delivery on the third day. But it skates around the customer's delivery time. Of course, it is already the fastest speed, but my customer does not understand manufacturing process and know the delivery process and regulations of our factory. My customer always complains that I do not deliver goods to him since we have produced goods on the same day. In order to help our clients solve this problem and get bearings as soon as possible, I try my best to think all ways. The only thing that I can do is change original express courier into Shun feng express courier to ensure the time of in delivery of bearings. After my customer listens to my explanation, he accepts it willingly. Finally, these bearings catch the last bus to the customer without influencing customer's use and eventually I am at ease. I think we should consider carefully before we agree with our customer. On the other hand, we will do our best to do it after we promise to our customer. This is my bearing sales philosophy as well as a fundamental of being a man.