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Pbc Linear Named Leader In Engineering By Design World

Release time : 2015-06-15 07:29:08
Design World has named PBC Linear as the Leader in Engineering in Motion Control for 2009. Specializing in providing our customers with innovative linear motion components, sophisticated mechanical sub-assemblies, and full custom solutions, PBC Linear strives to lower total installed cost while ensuring precision performance linear motion. "The competitive market place is demanding innovation. Customers are looking for solutions that reduce total installed cost while delivering the same, if not superior, performance to traditional approaches." says VP of Global Sales and Marketing, John Good. PBC Linear engineers draw their expertise from a wide array of mechanical, design and application disciplines. We are a company founded by engineers, for engineers and position our products and services according to the needs of our customers. We design solutions that address customer needs and market trends. From streamlined manufacturing processes that lower cost while ensuring performance, such as our SIMO? process, to our simplified assembly solution products: Integral V?, PBC Linear has carved out a reputation as experts in linear motion. For design consultation, application specification or general product knowledge, our staff is here to help with as much or as little assistance our customers require. PBC Linear approaches all projects from a problem-solving approach. Redefining how the linear motion market addresses customer problems, PBC Linear can face challenges holistically. Rather than simply pushing a product, PBC Linear works closely with customers to devise unique solutions that simplify installation and assembly, enhance performance, and reduce costs. Such as the ML series mini-actuator, a product designed specifically as a solution to small scale linear motion. Looking ahead to 2010, PBC Linear will continue to be a driving force in sophisticated linear motion design. We will use our inventive products to address new emerging market trends; including aluminum extrusion simplification, Cartesian robotic solutions, and hygienic food/medical applications. For more information on PBC Linear, our wide selection of linear motion products or engineering capabilities please call 1.800.729.9085, email to mailto:[email protected] [email protected] , or visit us at our newly designed website: http://www.pbclinear.comfor www.pbclinear.comfor downloadable materials and other application examples.