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Pbc Linear Ml Series Mini Actuator Named Best Product Finalistpic

Release time : 2015-06-15 07:23:01
PBC Linear ML series miniature linear actuator has been named a finalist for the Golden Mousetrap Best Product Award in Motion Control! Officially announced in the September 2009 issue of Design News, the Golden Mousetrap awards the year top products in innovation, creativity and Stainless Steel Bearings product design. After a record number of entries in each of the four different categories a Electronics, Motion Control/Automation, Hardware/Software, Material Fastening a73 finalists and 23 winners were selected as the leaders. Founded in 1946, Design News is a leading technical resource for design engineers specializing in a range of different fields. Design Miniature Bearings began the Golden Mousetrap Awards two decades ago, focusing on products that bring new ideas and innovation to the engineering world. The products are judged by a panel of experts in that particular technical field. PBC Linear was named a finalist last year in motion control for their cost effective linear guide technology, Integral V?. This year, PBC Linear introduced their new line of miniature actuators, the ML series. Incredible precision and performance delivered in a compact profile, the ML series is the perfect solution to small-scale linear motion. With the entire system measuring only 28 x 32 mm a varying lengths available a the ML series can be installed into almost any system. The outer profile is post-process precision machined to ensure exact mounting and high accuracy travel. Available in several different design options, the ML series can support dual external linear guides to enhance stability and load capacity; the ML also features a wide variety of lead screw sizes to optimize the actuation High Speed Bearings. Other customizable options include flexible motor mounting, a seal strip to restrict contamination and a full selection of state-of-the-art stepper and servo motors. Combining all of the features that fully adapt to the customers specific needs with expert engineering design, the ML series mini-actuator excels in several industries; including lab automation, medical, bio-tech and all compact linear positioning applications. For more information on the ML series, please call 1.800.729.9085, email to [email protected] ( pacific-bear