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Pbc Linear Launches Complete Ml Series

Release time : 2015-06-15 07:29:44
For precise linear travel in a small foot-print, PBC Linear has launched the ML series of miniature linear actuators. This new product has an instant fit with small-scale automation markets: such as laboratory, medical and packaging applications. Compact, lightweight and remarkably powerful despite its small footprint (28 x 32mm), the ML series mini-actuators were designed for performance and customer satisfaction in single and multi-axis assemblies. Launching this month with three new actuating styles, MLB, MLC and MLD, the The MLB comes complete with a state-of-the-art motor for powered, automated control. The MLC features a motor mount for easy coupling to a motor of the customers? choice. Finally, the MLD has a hand-turned knob and break for precise, manual control applications. The ML series features several design improvements that promote high performance, precise travel and power. The outer body profile is precision machined using PBC Linear?s patented SIMO? process. The SIMO? process gives the actuator concurrent and consistent machining on all critical edges?aensuring extremely tight tolerances and high accuracy mounting. It also reduces weight, allowing for a smaller motor to drive the actuator. The ML series ?dovetail?style carriage comprises 14 plane bearing surfaces, supporting low-friction, smooth motion, and quiet travel. Optional single or dual external linear guide supports can be added for enhanced stability and load capacities. With a larger diameter lead screw, the ML series can support higher load capacities at greater accuracy. Duplexed, lead screw support bearings provide high stiffness, increased thrust load, and repeatability. An optional anti-backlash nut is also available on the ML series for applications that require high bi-directional accuracy. The final assembled product is at the pinnacle of both precision and performance, delivering long-lasting linear guidance to tight, diminutive spaces. Installation is easy. The lightweight ML series, with its precision-machined outer profile, can be easily fit on to any axis. Motor mounting is also a snap; motors can be mounted in-line, on the side, top or bottom of the actuator as space permits. Furthermore, PBC Linear has compiled a full assortment of accessories, design options, and replacement kits?aalong with full ML specifications?ain our new ML series catalog.