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Pbc Linear Goes From Green To Greener

Release time : 2015-06-15 07:32:30
PBC Linear has focused on eco-friendly motion solutions since the introduction of the self-lubricating Simplicity? linear bearing in the 1980?s. Now a fight against pollution and unnecessary waste has driven the development of a ?Green Committee?, putting new recycling plans into action. While other companies are designing products that use less grease and oil, PBC Linear has refined their self-lubricating, no oil design through the enhancement of our Frelon liner?. Frelon has proven to be an effective and environmentally safe product for over two decades. Uni-guide, Modular Guide, MRS Sigma? are all examples of new products that self-lubricate and have no need for additional oil or grease. PBC Linear is recycling a wide range of waste products; such as paper, cardboard, steel and aluminum scrap metal, and wood. In addition, PBC Linear has always integrated safe and non-toxic ways of cleaning and disposing of their materials; making sure that all of the necessary, responsible, steps for a safe environment?aboth in and out of the workplace are in place. In order to continue to be part of the solution, PBC Linear has begun a more aggressive recycling program through the establishment of the ?Green Committee.?The primary goal is to investigate more solutions to fight against pollution and conserve energy in the future. For more information on the ?Greener? PBC Linear or any of its products, please call 1.800.729.9085, or email us at mailto:[email protected] [email protected] .