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Pbc Linear Engineers Eliminate Waste In Manufacturing Processes

Release time : 2015-06-15 07:33:53
Using lean manufacturing techniques to drive cost out of in-house machining processes has lead to several improvements in lead times and quality. At PBC Linear, we use our technical expertise to our advantage to better automate manufacturing processes, simplify assembly techniques and bring all elements together for an improved product at a lower cost. Using their 150,000 ft2 manufacturing floor, PBC Linear is strategically aligned for optimum performance. Two FMS machining centers (one 40 pallet system and one 16 pallet system) work as cornerstones of the facility by fully automating several manufacturing process for 24/7 production. All machining processes are set-up to handle production orders ranging from 1-1000 pieces and are designed with a change-over period of fifteen minutes or less! Eliminating machine-tool set-ups and drastically reducing lead time, these manufacturing centers allow for reduced production costs and overall savings for the customer. PBC is also constantly looking for ways to refine our machining and manufacturing process; such is the case with our patent pending SIMO? process (Simultaneous Integral Milling Operation). Innovative thinking at PBC is not limited to product design; the SIMO? process uses synchronized cutters to precisely machine all critical edges of an aluminum extrusion in one pass. This creates tighter tolerances, remarkable straightness, and a stronger design. Traditional aluminum extrusion machining takes hours of labor and still contains several inaccuracies. SIMO? machines out the natural bend, warp, twist and camber of the extrusion to provide a remarkably straight surface at little to no added cost! With over 30 CNC turning and milling machines, ID, OD and center-less grinding, straightening, and heat treating done in house, PBC Linear has dramatically reduced lead times and non-value added activity. All CNC machines are completely integrated with DNC (Direct Numerical Control) software for assured state-of-the-art accuracy and cohesiveness throughout the plant. Rigorous testing and quality control processes are set firmly in place to ensure only the highest quality products are sent out to customers. For our more complex products and custom systems, PBC Linear designs and builds dedicated testing rigs, employs laser interferometers for guaranteed precision and customer satisfaction. Looking ahead, PBC Linear will continue to search for new ways to drive down production cost and maintain their quality standards on all of their products. For more information PBC Linear, our long-lasting products or manufacturing capabilities, please call 1.800.729.9085, email to mailto:[email protected] [email protected] or visit our manufacturing capabilities page at http://www.pbclinear.com/Manufacturing-Capabilities.aspx www.pbclinear.com/Manufacturing-Capabilities.aspx .