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Pbc Linear Announces Plans For Enriched Online Classroom

Release time : 2015-06-15 07:35:16
PBC Linear will be introducing PBC Tech, a e-learning video giving detailed product and service information to our customers. To better communicate how PBC?s products can be used in the market, PBC Linear is implementing a new program to educate our customers in all facets of linear motion. PBC has spent 25 years perfecting their knowledge in the linear motion industry, and now we would like to pass that knowledge along to our customers in a free, unbiased training session. The linear motion industry is broad and far-reaching. It encompasses a myriad of applications ranging from clean, medical lab equipment automation to industrial-strength CNC machine tooling. In 25 years of operation, PBC Linear has solved countless problems due to hazardous environments, wear life, speed/load requirements and precision. This has led us to develop a ?library?of best practice material for linear motion in virtually any application. Using this material and collaborating with expert PBC Linear application engineers, PBC Linear has created its own classroom for in-depth education on a wide range of linear motion topics. Once the upcoming videos begin, PBC Linear will focus on a current problem, technology or application in the linear motion industry each month. The topics will be presented by a technical expert who is well-versed in the application and organized in a classroom-like environment. Viewers will then receive a highly educational, unbiased presentation on common mistakes, practices and solutions for each topic. For more details, topic suggestions or to be opted into our first PBC Tech session (coming soon!), please email us at mailto:[email protected] [email protected] . You can also contact us by phone at 1.800.729.9085.