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Pacific Bearing Company Introducing 7 New Product Categories

Release time : 2015-06-15 07:41:37
Pacific Ball Bearing Company has recently undergone a re-structuring of its entire product line in order to provide for a better understanding of all of the innovative linear motion applications they have to offer. As shown on their website, PBC has divided their products into seven different product categories which allows for a more organized and introspective look at the wide variety of products offered here at PBC. In order for easier navigation and deciphering of all of the wonderful linear motion angular contact bearing products Pacific Bearing Company has to offer, they realigned their entire product line into seven different product categories. Rolling Shaft technology, Gliding Surface Technology, Cam Roller Technology, Linear Slide Technology, and Telescopic Guide Technology are five of the categories that showcase all of PBC???s great products that have been offered over the years along with a few new ones; such as the MRS Sigma?. The two newest airsoft gun bearings product categories were named after our newly introduced products: Integral V? technology and Linear Actuator technology, which house a plethora of new and exciting products. Integral V containing a wide variety of different configurations for aluminum structured extrusions while the Linear Actuator category contains three new series??? of linear actuators. With all of this new information, PBC felt the best way to both process the information on the new products and access information on our old products was to reorganize how it categorizes its product line.