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Opening Ceremony Of Fomas Dalian

Release time : 2015-06-15 07:56:11
The opening Ceremony of FOMAS Dalian was held on 29th of October 2008. FOMAS Dalian is a WFOE ( Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise of Chrome Steel Bearings) established in December 2006. It is part of the Small Rings Division of FOMAS Group, world leader in open die forging and ring rolling. The FOMAS Dalian mission is to provide in China the same level of product quality and service as the other FOMAS production units. With preparations lasting almost 5 months, FOMAS Dalian celebrated the laying of the foundation stone of a new factory on July 6th 2007 Arranged in traditional Chinese fashion. The occasion was not only a precious opportunity to gain visibility and prestige but also a historic achievement for the FOMAS Group that has long awaited this moment for undertaking the China venture from solid ground. FOMAS Dalian is forecasted to have an annual manufacturing capacity of 14000 tons of Needle Roller Bearings ranging from ?180mm to ?1000mm in outer diameter.