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Oil Free Dry Bearing The Revolution Of Bearing Lubricant

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:15:12    
Generally, there are two kinds of bearing lubricant: oil and grease. But there is still one bearing lubricant which is widely used, that is oil-free lubrication. Oil-free lubrication can also be divided into lubrication without oil and lubrication with oil. The occurrence of oil-free solves three core problems: grease safety problem, ultra high rotation speed problem and bearings' reset and flexibility problems. The addition of lubricant makes the bearings rotate smoothly and have longer service life and lowest noise, which are comprehensive. However, if we want to solve one specific problem, we should arrange the addition of lubricant relatively, such as food safety bearing, ultra high rotation speed bearing and bearing's reset and flexibility. Recently our corporation organizes training and the content involves oil-free lubrication bearing. Our factory manager takes a Russian customer as an example. The customer use 693zz bearing. It is known that Russia is one country of northern Eurasia and its temperature ranges from -20~-30 degrees in winter. The customer produce gas meter and they need 693zz bearing. So their requirement for the bearing is that the bearing should have better reset and flexibility performances under -30 degrees. Once the gas flow through meter, the meter hands should rotate to a particular location according to calculated strength. If the bearings are added oil or grease, the bearings can't rotate. Oil has resistance, if we are accord with customer's feedback, just add a small part or a drop of oil, the test result is not ideal. The bearing can rotate at room temperature, but when it can't rotate to appointed location. The oil will freeze at low temperature. Under the requirement and operating environment and according to bearings' service life, our factory manager advises the customer to use oil-free lubrication bearing. After testing, the bearing can solve problems undoubtedly. Similarly, there are still some customers' equipments which need to contact with foods directly, so the equipment need to reach to food stage. Take bearing for an example, even if the lubricants are food stage, they are not very safe and can't contact and mix with food so frequently. Oil-free dry bearing can be cleaned up before leaving the factory and there is still a layer of oil film on the bearing surface, which make the bearing have lowest resistance, better lubrication performance and highest rotation speed.