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Ntnsmall Size Variable Frequency Controllerfor Parts Feeder

Release time : 2015-06-15 08:11:56
NTN Corporation (hereafter NTN) has developed a ??small size variable frequency controller for the control of small and medium size parts feeders. Sales of the product began in September, 2008. NTN's conventional variable frequency controller (hereafter conventional unit) was available in only one type and was designed for use on almost of all types of parts feeder main bodies. Accordingly, the controller was large and a wide space was required for installation. In order to meet the needs of the customer base, the need to down size and increase functionality was realized. The newly developed ??small size variable frequency controller is for exclusive use on small and medium size part feeders. By limiting the use to these applications, substantial reduction in the size and mass of the controller became possible, i.e. the volume and mass were halved in comparison with the conventional unit. Also, more functions are available on the new unit, which was a requirement from many customers. The main functions are as follows: Multi stage speed function 3 stage speed change is possible by memorizing 3 types of speeds. Precise control is possible since a control function using analog voltage was added. Two row air overflow control function For parts lined-up and fed in 2 rows, this function will return excess parts to the part feeder (in bowl) with air blow to keep a balance of feed volume in each row. Others Work shortage detection function, inching motion function (Manual feeding of parts at the time of setup is possible), etc. Increased functionality controllers with booster units and a constant amplitude function will be offered in the small controller series product line. [ Features ] a. Small size and weight Volume and mass are 1/2 that of conventional unit [Size: Width 60 ?Height 140 Depth 141 mm, Mass: Approx. 1kg] b. Variety of convenient functions Multi stage speed function 2 row air overflow control function Work shortage detection function c. Wide range of power sources and large capacity of service power sources AC100/200V dual purpose power source Capacity of service power source for control: 4 times, compared with conventional unit