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Ntn Establishes New Company For Large Bearing Forgings

Release time : 2015-06-15 08:32:42
NTN Corporation (NTN) created NTN SHIKA CORPORATION to manufacture and sell forged parts for large bearings and for machinery such as construction equipment. NTN purchased the assets of the SHIKA Forging Plant from Hakui Maruzen Corporation. 1. Purpose of New Company NTN is developing its business in the industrial machinery sector - such as construction equipment and wind turbines -- as a priority initiative of its medium-term management plan, NTN 2010 for the Next Step NTN received a proposal to buy the SHIKA Forging Plant from Hakui Maruzen, a supplier to NTN. Hakui Maruzen will focus its corporate resources on forging extra-large rings of complex shape. After examining the offer, NTN agreed to purchase the properties. NTN believes that NTN can utilize Hakui Maruzen's excellent forging technology and expertise to carry on the tradition of MONOZUKURI. NTN expects to expand the business and contribute to increasing local employment. NTN has expanded its production capacity of large bearings for industrial machinery by establishing NTN Hakui Corporation and NTN Houdatsushimizu Corporation in Ishikawa prefecture. A number of businesses with excellent technology operate in this region as the employee base is diligent and productive. NTN aims to make this area one of its major bases for production of industrial machinery bearings with the addition of NTN SHIKA CORPORATION. In the future, NTN also intends to have these companies play a central role in the production of large bearings for wind turbines in Korea and China, which will lead to an increase of business in the industrial machinery sector. 2. Schedule NTN established the new company and signed the contract to purchase the assets in December 2009. Production will start in January 2010. Investment will be approximately 1.5 billion yen. The operation will start with about 10 employees and sales are expected to reach approximately 2 billion yen in FY 2013. 3. Outline of the new company (1)Company name NTN SHIKA CORPORATION (2)Line of business Manufacture and sales of forged parts for large bearings, construction machinery, etc. (3)Location 5-58-2, Horimatsu, Shika-machi, Hakui-gun, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan (4)Representative President: Michio Iihara (5)Paid-in capital 300 million yen (NTN 100%) (6)Establishment December 4, 2009 (7)Start of operation January 2010 (8)Site area 55,000m2 (9)Sales Approx. 2 billion yen (FY 2013) (10)Employees Approx. 10 (Start-up) 20(FY2012)