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Ntn Corporation Developedv Series Angular Unitpic

Release time : 2015-06-15 09:15:02
NTN Corporation (NTN) has developed a V (Value) series angular unit. Its weight is lighter than conventional angular units and the material used is considerably reduced, while maintaining required strength. In recent years, unitization of automotive wheel bearings has progressed, and needs for 3rd generation hub bearings are in particular increasing rapidly. On the other hand, needs for 1st generation angular units for small cars are still high and the market demands for small cars are expected to increase. Accordingly, high demands for angular units are projected. From the environmental perspective, weight reduction for fuel savings and material savings during manufacturing of these units is required. The V series angular unit enables NTN to achieve weight and material reductions simultaneously by way of: (a) Light weight configuration design maintaining necessary strength and (b) Precision plastic forming process of inner and outer rings that reduce the number of machining processes. In addition, the new angular units can be assembled on vehicles using the same processes as conventional angular units at customers' assembly lines. NTN will market the V series angular units globally because advocating harmony with the global environment is a NTN top priority. NTN's goal is to reduce environmental impact and create a recycling society. Features ] (1) Mass : 12% less when compared with conventional angular units (2) Material usage : 30% less when compared with conventional angular units (3) Assembly : Can be assembled utilizing customer's conventional processes [ Application ] Automotive axle unit (Angular unit) [ Contact ] Automotive Planning Dept., Automotive Product H.Q. TEL:03-5487-2820