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Nsks New Activity To Enhance Regiment Of Development Center In China

Release time : 2015-06-15 09:20:40
---Building of the Head office of NSK China Investment Co., Ltd is Put on Stream & NSK China Research & Development Co., Ltd Open Building Outlook of the Head office Ceremony Scene Photograph of Guests On Oct. 12th, 2009, NSK has held the big ceremony in Kunshan Huaqiao Economic Development Zone with about 300 participants to celebrate the operation of the NSK China Investment Co., Ltds head office building and the open of NSK China Research & Development Co., Ltd (NSK China New Technology Center for short). The opening ceremony attracted the attention of the local government, NSKs customers (auto manufacture in China and abroad, the many heavy industry plants, machine tools plants in China and NSKs main agencies), CBIA and the partners of NSK. After visit the lab. Building, the visitors has appraised the NSKs investment in technology development, and expressed hope to NSKs development in China. As the open of NSK China New Technology Center, the function of the NSKs head office in China will be moved to Kunshan, and work in the head office building, where the structure of the functions of manufacturing, sales, technology, IT, and finance, etc. was completed. It is the important activity to enhance the regiment of NSKs development and regiment function in China. The significance is enhancing technological function and strengthening NSKs management function in China. NSKs entrance to Huaqiao and centralizing the coordinative management of development and regiment management in China fully indicates that NSKs hope and volition to develop in China. This activity will become a landmark of NSKs development in China, and turn over a new page.