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Nsk Publishes Bearing Units Catalogue

Release time : 2015-06-15 09:38:33
NSK has published a 156-page catalogue covering its Self-Lube range of bearing units. The new publication includes bearing types for use in general, arduous and hygienic environments Its layout and content have been specifically designed to help bearing users, machine builders and bearing distributors select the highest-performing bearings for their applications. The Self-Lube range of bearings provides integrated benefits in general manufacturing industry, food processing, materials handling and agricultural applications. By providing units that are ready assembled to bolt into place, it enables designers to easily and economically solve specific bearing problems relating to component complexity, mounting, and also bearing maintenance and life in difficult environments. The catalogue is divided into eight easy-to-understand sections, all making extensive use of graphics, tables and cutaways (where required) to provide key information quickly and simply. More than 80 pages of the new publication are devoted to the general range of Self-Lube bearings, covering everything from bearing materials and bearing types, sealing, shaft locking arrangements, mounting instructions, tolerances and protection devices. Also covered in detail are NSK's Silverlube, Molded Oil and Life-Lube products. Silver-Lube is a range of corrosion-resistant bearing units specifically for use in industries where frequent thorough washdowns are necessary, optimum hygiene standards are required, and good chemical resistance over a wide temperature range is important. Molded Oil bearings in the Self-Lube range are mounted in stainless steel housings. They provide superior resistance to corrosion, compared to standard series cast iron units. Molded Oil bearings are lubricated with NSK's own oil-impregnated material consisting of lubricating oil and polyolefin resin, which has an affinity for oil. Oil is released on demand from this material, providing ample lubrication for the bearing over extended periods. As a result, troublesome oil refilling is not required, and contamination of the surrounding environment is avoided. Molded Oil technology also features in the Life-Lube range, which combines the corrosion resistant properties of Silver-Lube housings with the excellent properties of the solid lubricant. Life-Lube bearing units are specifically for use in industries where contact with water and process fluids is unavoidable, excellent chemical resistance is required, and extended lubrication life is necessary.