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Nsk Develops Speciality Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-15 09:59:03
NSK has designed and manufactured the Spacea series of bearings and the Aqua-Bearing. The company said the Spacea series of bearings provides high performance and reliability under all types of demanding operating conditions. The bearings meet a wide range of technical requirements with a programme of high-performance materials, surface finishes and specially-developed lubricants, including solid types. The Aqua-Bearing is a corrosion-resistant bearing for light-load applications in the operating temperature range up to 40C. The use of a special fluorine plastic for the inner and outer rings and a fluorine plastic cage enables the Aqua-Bearing to achieve corrosion resistance equal to ceramic bearings. The effectiveness of NSK's materials specification means that the Aqua-Bearing is able to handle applications in strong acids or alkalis, ozonised water, various kinds of vapour and halogen gases. The fibre-reinforced fluorine material gives the inner and outer bearing rings increased strength and rigidity. It also provides an endurance life of over 1,000 times that of A1S144OC stainless steel bearings and five times that of previous PE (Polyethylene) bearings under a light load in an acid solution. For operations in corrosive environments where higher temperatures are encountered (up to 200C) NSK recommends its Spacea bearings with inner and outer rings of martensitic stainless steel, ceramic balls and fluororesin cages. These bearings are grease free, employing a solid high-performance fluorine solid lubricant.