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Nsk Developed Papermaking Machinery Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-15 10:06:25
With the improved smearing resistance achieved by coating the rolling elements with NSK's diamond-like carbon (DLC), the bearings are said to contribute to more stable operation of papermaking machinery and extend maintenance intervals. Smearing, or micro-seizing, caused by slippage between the raceway surface of the inner and outer rings and the roller surface, may occur in bearings used in light-load areas inside papermaking machinery and areas with poor lubrication conditions. If not addressed, smearing can lead to flaking and fracture that result in production line stoppage. Stopping the production line causes product (paper) quality to vary until stable operation is resumed, creating defective goods and resulting in significant energy loss at the production site, including electricity and steam. NSK developed these spherical roller bearings to improve energy savings, extend maintenance intervals and prevent early damage to bearings with light loads, such as those used in soft calendar rolls (used to make paper surface smooth) and suction rolls (used to remove water), as well as bearings used in areas with poor lubrication conditions.