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Nrb Held 2010 Providers Supporting Conference

Release time : 2015-06-15 10:19:13
Recently, Changzhou Guangyang Bearing Co., Ltd. (NRB) has held 2010 Providers Supporting Conference at Xinshuwan Garden Hotel. The senior leaders, the principle of the related departments and the representatives of more than 80 providers have participated in the conference. Wu Chaoyang, the Vice General Manager of NRB has given a welcome speech first. He expressed the gratitude to the present representatives of the providers on behalf of the company. He said the achievement of NRB not only formed by the intelligence and effort of NRB people, but also thanked to the support and cooperation of the providers. He sincerely hoped that they can continue to develop together and achieve the win-win. Han Ling, the manager of the purchasing department, Huang Laqin, the manager of developing department and Xu Biqin, the manger of Quality Department have analyzed and summarized the cooperation process in 2009 through different ways in different forms. Wei Jianghia, the Quality Executive, has announced the seriousness of the process design procedures and the process operation habit on behalf of the quality department, and stressed that the key point of supplying relationship is the control and insistence of quality. At last, Mr. Cheng Shangnan, the chairman of the broad of directors, has addressed. He said, in the passed 2009, many providers have spent a uncommon year with NRB. This year was not only the challenge of viability of the company, but also the challenge of the sincerity of the partners. I am very glad to meet my old friends again. Also I am gladder to see the new faces. NRB will not forget the comrades with whom we have cooperated and we will insist on developing together. He also pointed out that facing up the changeable market competition; we only can propel the development of the company by insisting on the technological innovation. We show sympathy to the weak, but we will not protect the backward. We will continuously implement the technological innovation, enhancing the cooperation, and combine tightly with each other, proceed hands in hands to achieve the win-win in the future. After the conference, Mr. Cheng and the senior leaders of the company have entered the meeting hall, communicated with the representatives and discussed the developing pattern.