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Non Verified Claims Of Counterfeit Bearings Installs

Release time : 2015-06-15 10:38:02
Lessons learnt from the 23 Jan 2007 fictitious event relating to Counterfeit bearing raids complete with allegations of criminal prosecution, newspaper headlines and other media press releases by leading European bearing manufacturers, result only in self hysteria for short term marketing gains that create unnecessary & unwanted concerns to critical application sectors globally. Its easy to grab headlines of counterfeit bearings seized including 22 sets here and 133 sets theirhowever, in nearly every claim the BICC has requested an examination or police report or Court hearings or Names of offending companies or their executives, but very little is substantiated. Over reaction or continuing claims of raids involving counterfeit bearing seizure is in itself dangerous and counter productive, only designed for a cheap headline for cheap marketing. And when real counterfeit seizures happen and verified, will the full impact be noticed and accepted by those most vulnerable ?