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New Lyc Project Strides From Construction Site To Factory

Release time : 2015-06-15 07:40:13
The New LYC Project was invested in 2.5 billion RMB by LYC Company, which takes up an area of 1000 mu. The investment in the first phase was 1.137 billion RMB, taking an area of 328 mu. After the project is completed, it will become the first class center of bearing manufacturing, research and development, detecting and test in China. The first phase of the project will be completed at the end of 2010. After the project is on stream, it will achieve the sales income of 1.6 billion each year and the profit and tax of 0.45 billion RMB. On Nov. 5th, Guo Gengmao, the Vice Secretary of Province Party Committee & Governor of Henan Province, led the delegation of 50 people for viewing the important projects in Henan and visited construction site of the provincial project-New LYC Project. After about one month, the important project to which much attention was paid has the new development-become a modernized factory from a huge construction site. On Dec. 14th, we saw there are 3 plant buildings of steel structure with azure roof and the mainframe was completed. The principle on the spot introduced that there are precision bearing plant, auto bearing plant and wind power bearing plant from the east to the west in series. At present, the workshop ground of these three plants has been completed, and the tubes and network system was ready. The equipments will be installed at the end of this month. Taking the auto bearings plant for example, the investment in its processing equipments has reached 0.23 billion RMB; 9 full automatic production lines will be installed in auto bearing plant in the future, and one of the lines will be the most modernized line with complete imported equipments, which will produce 5.1 million sets of bearings each years, achieve the sales income of 0.45 billion RMB and the profit and tax of 0.1 billion RMB. With the supporting of the three main plants, New LYC Project has invested 30 million RMB in building up a modernized center for research, development, detecting and test, including product test base, comprehensive test platform, bearing capacity test platform, bearing application software research and development center, which will become the newest carrier of the independent innovation of bearing industry in China.