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New Lyc Project Enters Into Critical Phase

Release time : 2015-06-15 13:25:01
On Oct. 13th, the reporter saw at the construction site of New LYC ball bearings Project that people there were all busy, the construction staffs of each project work strictly according to the designated construction schedule, speed up the layout of tubes and wires, the ground hardening, and building of equipment basis, etc. The whole project enters into critical phase. As one of the important provincial project, the New LYC stainless steel bearings Project became the focus of the province and the company since it started in March. In order to ensure the construction speed, the construction company of this project ensured the fast construction of each project under the coordination of the LYC general command department. According to the construction representative, the schedule of the whole project ceramic bearing was influenced by the rain, but they have readjusted the scheme according to the requirements of the company and speed up the construction as possible as they can.