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New Gear Products Introduced From R A Rodriguez

Release time : 2015-06-15 07:46:12
The range of KHK gears from R. A. Rodriguez is now extensive. The latest edition of the company???s master catalogue contains 500 pages of stock gear types and variants, several of which are new to the range. The guide also includes 200 pages of theoretical and practical information to assist the designer in choosing the right product for the job. This catalogue provides easy reference to seven basic gear types plus racks and pinions, gearboxes and ancillary products. Many of the ranges include both larger and smaller size additions. This applies to ground spur gears, gear shafts, thin face and brass spur gears, standard and ground racks. New sizes of circular pitch gears and racks extend the application potential of these precision products. Smaller instrumentation needs can also be met by the new smaller size modules in the range of duplex worms and wheels. And in addition to more stainless worm wheels, KHK has also introduced fine pitch plastic wheels. Entitled KHK 3010 Product Guide and Technical Data Volume 1, this comprehensive publication is available from sole UK distributor, R. A. Rodriguez on 01462 670044 or via email to mailto:[email protected] [email protected]