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Needle Roller Bearingsare Activein Various Fieldsand Playa Huge Role

Release time : 2017-07-11 02:24:18
Production process automation is one of the trends in scientific development now. Over the past few years, our enterprises in the development of mechanical automation production has a very rapid development in automotive, electrical, mechanical and electrical, and so on all aspects of various automated manufacturing areas, improve our production efficiency and production technology. Needle roller bearings is a highly versatile bearing, mechanical parts, in our industrial production and industrial manufacturing has played a very big role. There are many types of bearings, and needle roller bearings is indeed the most important one inside. Because of its structural characteristics, so the needle roller bearings in the assembly process, the vast majority are used manual assembly, both time-consuming and laborious, limiting the improvement of labor productivity, so to achieve the needle roller bearing automation is imminent Of the matter. Needle roller bearings are equipped with slender rollers, so the radial structure is very compact, its inner diameter and load capacity and other types of bearings are the same, the smallest diameter, especially for radial installation size is limited the result of. Depending on the occasion, you can choose a combination of an inner ring bearing or a needle roller and a cage. At this time, the bearing surface and the surface of the casing hole are matched directly to the surface of the inner and outer rings of the bearing, in order to ensure that the load capacity and operating performance are the same as those of the ferrule. Shaft and shell hole roll surface hardness, the accuracy of the processing industry and the quality of the surface, should be similar to the bearing ring raceway. This bearing can only withstand radial loads.